Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dating Look Alikes

So after seeing our little Ashley's cute engagement photo in which she is dating a guy who looks strikingly similar to herself, I thought it'd be good to initiate a little conversation/challenge for the sisters to see who is dating the guy that has the most similar coloring/features to yourself. And I think I can compete. Here's a photo of me and the current boyfriend, Michael.
You may be thinking, "they don't look THAT similar" but check out this photo of his 3 yo daughter:
Am I the only person here who sees some similarities? :) I think it's hilarious! Michael's daughter could pass for mine more than any of my neices or nephews.

Why am I dating a guy with a kid? I'm not going to lie, it's a little scary sometimes! It certainly wasn't how I envisioned myself at 25, but Michael and I get along really well and have a ton of fun together so I figured it'd be worth trying. And so far it's been great and I am really happy. :) He's getting his Masters in Education right now and hopes to get a doctorate in divinity so that he can either pastor a church or teach religion at a university.

School is going well here. I'm now in class from 8-9 every morning and rotating through specialty clinics or seeing my own patients the rest of my 40 hr week. I'm heading down to Orlando for Spring Break to get away from the cold (this has been a CRAZY snowy year in Colorado).

Anyone heading toward Denver soon? I'd love to have visitors! Hope to hear more from all you lovely ladies and to see if anyone else is dating an ADT look-alike!

Love and YITS!

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