Wednesday, April 25, 2007

no boyfriends... only dogs

hey girls

last weekend i adopted a dog from a local rescue. he's a west highland terrier mix ... super affectionate ... and as you can see EXTREMELY cute. i named him finnean - which in gaelic means "white headed" (gaelic is one of scotland's languages)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hello from Amsterdam!

Hi girls!

Well, I am posting this blog from Amsterdam, where I am doing an internship at the Van Gogh Museum. When I am not enjoying being in a fun European country, I have been developing and installing an exhibit on Friends of Van Gogh. I am really enjoying being here, and learning a lot. This internship is the last part of my MA in Museum Studies. Holland is such a nice country to live in (especially when it hasn't been raining for two weeks--or two months--straight and people aren't depressed...But now it is springtime and the tulip season has begun! One nice thing about the rain is that it's gorgeous when the sun shines!)

Beth came over and visited me, and we had a really great time. Actually, we felt a little like we had reverted to sophomore year again, when we would stay up and giggle all night, but hey, at least we were doing it in an exotic place!

In other news, many of you already know, but Austin and I are getting married this July. What was the discussion about people looking like each other? He is just finishing his third year in med school, and although we have been based in DC, next December we find out if we'll stay or perhaps end up in Honolulu, Seattle, or San Antonio ... not bad options, and some pretty exciting events to plan and look forward to before then.

So anyway, that is the news in a nutshell. If anyone finds themselves in this part of the world in the next two months, give me a shout!

Em, thanks for organizing this!