Wednesday, February 28, 2007


hey girls ...

we have a blog ... how very 2007 of us. anyway i wanted to get this started with a little post - but i'm sort of grasping at straws for what to say. um...

oh! i know ... yesterday for work we (editor, engineer, host and me - the producer) went up to capitol hill to interview Sen. Barack Obama. The interview was pretty cool - you can give my production skillz a listen here

but on our way out - we saw bono from U2! i guess he was meeting with sen. obama for some reason ... anyway now i can say that i kept bono waiting...pretty cool.

alright ... post away!

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Mary said...

EMILY!!! I am so jealous--you saw Bono at close range! I went to their show in St. Louis with Garen H., Jenn K. and Kate G. about a year and a half ago and it was just spectacular. So I'm jealous :)